On World Water Day 2016, Walk For Water had created an Indian World Record by organizing “The Biggest Walkathon” in over 10000 places in India and a record breaking ‘Human Chain’ connecting 1.2 million people in 1132 Walk For Water events that extended to over 302 kilometres in Hyderabad city. Additionally, over 1.8 million people in 11963 locations spread around 42 countries took the “Water Pledge”, with participants in all the 7 continents, including Antarctica.
We were encouraged by the participation and support of 18 Union Ministers, Governors of 4 states, Chief Ministers of 8 states, 47 MPs, over a 100 MLAs, 1800 schools from around the country and numerous celebrities in the World Water Day programmes. We also generated over 15 million online views for our events, making it a globally successful water conservation campaign.
We intend to make even more impact on World Water Day 2017 and realize our dream to place India at the centre of a global “Blue Revolution.”